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love unites hearts forever 

who we are

global nomads

a tapestry of artistic wanderers

At Fernando Event Designer, we're not ordinary planners but a diverse team of artists and professionals embodying the global nomad spirit. Our rich journey through countries and cultures makes us adaptable, open-minded creators of weddings that blend traditions and celebrate diverse love.

Like changing landscapes, we approach each event with creativity, infusing cultural richness, artistic flair, and heartfelt storytelling. Understanding family's importance, we pour our hearts into every detail, crafting cherished memories.

Love knows no borders; we create intimate destination weddings or grand, cultural fusions. Join us in weaving your love story into a tapestry of joy and enchantment, where cultures unite and dreams come to life.

meet our
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Meet our BD team

A powerhouse of experience and innovation. Our dedicated Business Development team is a blend of industry veterans and emerging talent, all drive by a common passion for creating opportunities forging successful partnerships.

Get to know the minds behind our success 

Fernando Gayoso 
Founder and Creative Director 
Berta Serrano 
Catering Executive and Decor 
Silvia Campanha 
Design-Drive Culinary Artist 
Murillo Miranda
Logistic and Operations Management 
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