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Theme Event Decoration 

Themed social party decorations are becoming more and more successful.

Talking about themes for events is extensive, with us you will be able to make the illusion of having a party and a celebration according to what you think is best.

We will make your theme party just the way you want it.

Los colores y lentejuelas en una fiestas produce una chispa de alegría 

A Disney themed event.

Who doesn't know Disney and who doesn't want a Tom & Jerry's style party, for example? 

We help to create a Disney style event, we will work for them, we will paint the murals of your character that you want.

We will make Harry Potter fly to your event in his car

We will make a cake in the same style.


A carnivalesque celebration

We will dance samba and set the mood for your party Rio de Janeiro style, Nothing Hill Carnival style, Venetian Carnival style.

We will wear masks and make caipirinhasYou want a carnival style party, where your guests will enjoy the merriment.


A halloween celebration, a halloween party

We will create the sweets and cakes in the style of the theme.

A witches cake or a halloween style cake, that's the party you choose to make.

We start by understanding your wishes and bringing it to life with a mood board and visualisations to help you shape your ideas. Once you are happy with the concepts we will then assist you with the planning af every intricate detail within the agree budget. When it comes to your enchanting wedding day, we will be there with you throughout the day, ensuring that the first stem placed to the last rose propped are still exactly where should be.

Whatever themed event you plan to plan, we are the solution.

Our team of professional, artistic artists look forward to helping you create that event that is on your mind.

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