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Your wedding decorations should reflect your own personal history.

An event is a personal reflection, the decoration of your event or wedding is a personal reflection and a story that should be filled with objects that you ADORE. That's the beauty that decoration makes at a wedding, at an event, and the reason that no two weddings are the same.

When you enter your event, in your wedding hall you should feel comfortable, you should feel at home, you should feel relaxed, for that you should meet with your event planner several times, to develop together an unforgettable event.

The wedding is a love story, where your event planner will see life, joy, it's the job of an event planner. The idea of an event planner should be open inspired, it should shine to create unforgettable things according to the story.

At Home Event

An event in the house is sometimes not a very big event, it all depends on how big the house is, and the exposure of the decor is different style, and at the same time it is more comfortable, because it is in your comfort, you know how it is around, sometimes you feel more confident about the use of the furniture, because it is your own. For this reason many people like to hold their celebrations at home, because of the convenience and comfort that this space offers.

Fresh flowers and plants are an important element for any event, and these arrangements of gypsophila, white in these glass vases that look like light bulbs, are an elegant addition to any event, and never disappoint, with a rustics touch, either a burlap fabric, or a good natural coloured threads of the same material with a different colour that leaves an elegant charm.

In my opinion from Fernando Event Designer, the rustic colours, white and a touch of colours a little more colourful, never fails to make elegant an event, a celebration, a wedding, nature helps a lot in the elegance when we create an event, when we decorate an event.

With a tall candle as a table centrepiece, a few flowers in between is sometimes all it takes for a corner, which makes it very romantic.

Let's make together a party, an elegant and romantic wedding, with love we can do it.

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