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Vintage French Style Decoration

Flowers and French style inspirations decoration for weddings and other social events as corporate events etc.

The wedding event is the most awaited and biggest dream of the bride and groom, and it could be through the decoration reflect and celebrate your own personal history and object and use things that you adore in the story of your life.

The decoration for an event has various inspirations from its cities, of which the Parisian inspiration is the most used and is know as a symbolic city for love, and it really so romantic to be strolling through the streets of Paris and visits the cafes, eat their croissants and pastry delicacies, really falls in love and still maintains that essence, that characterizes it for centuries.

So we can set up the scene, we can create a vintage Parisina style wedding, really its cities and landscape help a lot to bring together ideas.

Its arts, its chateau, its fashion, the way they are designed is perfect to create imagination, putting all that together, added to its history I am sure we can have a dream event, a dream wedding.

Bringing together his style and the feeling of being in Paris at an event can be archived.

In this event we can appreciate that we have mixed the rustic, vintage modern, all these together make the magic born, we can appreciate the red fabric was a unique touch, we have not exaggerated with the red colour, but make specially a touch to deep love, but always predominates the white colour that characterises the colour of purity, the colour of bride, the colour that should never be missing in a wedding celebration.

A wedding Decoration inspired by Parisina style

Flowers, plants and pictures on the wall, are indispensables elements when it comes to creating imagination for a wedding or other events.

* Dressed chairs are delightful addition to a Parisian family dinner.

* Iron chairs and tables make a beautiful addition to any Parisian garden

* Wooden candlesticks and wooden tables are also very popular items art a Parisian event or in private home.


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