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A Carnival Event. Planning a Thematic Event

Carnival is a colourful event of feather dances and masquerade.

Create a carnival themed event, for wedding, for children's birthday, for private party, for a social party, it is very versatile theme.

A good example is the carnival in Rio the Janeiro, Brazil

The Carnival event in Rio de Janeiro, is a clear of what a carnival event looks like, the materials can be used to create a birthed party, a wedding celebration, on this exuberantly joyful theme.

In London there is also a carnival party Nothing Carnival, specifically in Nothing Hill, in Nothing Hill again you can see a lot of colours around, for example the house in Nothing Hill is all painted in different colours, again we can see there a cheerful inspiration of the carnival.

Organising a Carnival-Theme event

As we have said before at several points Carnival is an event of colours, feathers, dance, parties.

Many details must be taken care of when thinking about creating a carnival wedding event, sometimes at weddings there is a specific colour concept.

What is used and how can it be used to make a carnival Theme decoration?

Mask, glitter in costumes, movement, music and feathers are all materials used to create a carnival - theme event.

For example feathers can be used to make an arrangement in a glass tumbler.

Can make masquerade centrepieces, can create plan tree around the event room, can be use a lots of glitter to one some pedestals, can be used coloured candles for centrepieces for a children's party for example.

A carnival theme event can be created for a wedding, for birthdays, or for any other social events, corporate event etc.

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