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Bridal Shower/Despedida de Soltera

Bridal shower, which in Spanish would be Despedida de Soltera

It will be your friend's last night without commitment

Bridal Shower, are more common among brides than grooms, although lately this type of celebration is also more common among grooms.

One of your best friends is getting married and in between organising everything for the big wedding day celebration, she also has to organise her hen party, and the idea of this event is to make it a headache-free event.

So if you have any doubts, these tips can help you streamline a lot of things to make this event as stress-free as possible, and unforgettable for everyone

Join us as we celebrate  her journey to I DO with ;laughter, joy, and unforgettable moments at our whimsical bridal shower , Let's toast to friendship, love, and a lifetime of happiness ahead
Showering love on our radiant bride-to-be!

Follow these steps


You can call all the girls who are going to attend the event, have a meeting with them, ask for ideas and advice from each one, collect all the ideas, draw a conclusion of what you are going to do, and when you are clear about what you are going to do, it's time to add up the expenses, how much you are going to spend and divide it between all of you and then each one will give her contribution.

The bride is the different one.

It is important to take into account how they are dressed, the bride has to be the one who wears the different colour in her dress, a tulle on her head or a floral arrangement would also look good, the idea is that she is the one who differentiates herself.

It is important that the bride stands out, for example, if all the girls decide to wear black, the bride should wear red, if they all decide to wear dark wigs, the bride should wear blonde, and so on.

Breakfast in bed

We know that there are many ways to do the Bridal Shower , but the most traditional is the one that starts in the morning, bring breakfast to your friend, the bride her breakfast in bed, from here begins this gesture this event, so get ready to bring her favourite breakfast in bed to your friend who is getting married and then we go with this event until dawn.

After breakfast

You can spend the day at the spa and in the evening dress up and go out partying. Another idea is to take the bride out of the house early in costume and go shopping for her friends to give her the sexy and flirty lingerie she needs for the honeymoon. Another interesting idea is to have a tapersex meeting at the home of one of the bride's friends, to teach her how to use sex toys, what they are for, which ones give the most pleasure and how to have a healthy, active and fun sex life.

It will be unique

Join us as we celebrate her journey to I do with laughter, joy, and unforgettable moments at our whimsical bridal shower. Let's toast to friendship, love, and lifetime of happiness ahead
Showering love on our radiant bride-to-be

It will be a unique party that will never be repeated, so you should take as many photos as possible, so that you will always have those fun memories of your friends at hand.

If you don't want the photos to be a headache for some of the participants and you don't want to forget to take the best moments, the best thing to do is to hire a photographer, this is a great idea to have fun with the bride at her bridal shower.

Games that can be played during a bridal shower.

Other alternatives: There are brides who don't enjoy getting dressed up, telling about their intimate life or going from bar to bar. For these brides, an excellent idea is to take a weekend trip with their girlfriends to the beach or a city of their choice and celebrate the last days of singleness. If you decide on this option, pool your money and buy tickets (if the destination suggests it) so that you all travel on the same plane at the same time. You should also coordinate where you will stay and plan activities for the travel days.


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