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Belize High Commission Diplomatic Gala 
celebrating unity and culture

We had the distinct honor of curating a remarkable diplomatic gala in collaboration with the Belize High Commission. This event was an embodiment of the rich culture, warm hospitality, and diplomatic unity that Belize stands for.

Royal Excellence
organising Froylan Tzalan's official visit for the Queen's Jubilee

At Fernando Event Designer together together with The Belice High Commission, we take immense pride in helping the event that resonate with significance and grandeur. Our recent collaboration in organizing the official visit of Froylan Tzalan for the Queen's Jubilee was a splendid testament to our commitment to seamless logistics and impeccable hospitality.

a tale of love and elegance
Carlos & Sara's
wedding at Nuestra Señora De las Nieves

Drawing inspiration from the church's timeless beauty, we adorned the space with delicate floral arrangements that complemented the architectural splendor. Soft hues and intricate details harmoniously blended with the sacred surroundings, creating an ethereal atmosphere.

The celebration continued at La Finca de Grupo Monico beyond the ceremony with a meticulously crafted sweet table. Our pastry artisans designed a display that reflected the couple's personalities. From delicious treats to a cake that was a true work of art, every bite encapsulated the sweetness of their love.

sun-kissed romance 

outdoor wedding at Finca El Pendolero, Madrid
Marta & Jose's
fer1 158_edited.jpg

Step into the world of Marta and Jose's remarkable wedding, a tale of love that unfolded under the Spanish sun at the picturesque Finca El Pendolero in Madrid.

As event artisans, we had the privilege of orchestrating a truly memorable day that embraced the beauty of nature, the warmth of love, and the significance of their union.

a harmonious fusion
Perla and Nascimento's Pele
unforgettable concert

Together we created a harmonious fusion of music, passion and perfection, creating an unforgettable concert experience

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our commitment

At Fernando Event Designer, we specialise in curating events that transcend expectations. We believe that every event is a canvas for creativity, and we take pride in weaving narratives that touch hearts and inspire

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