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Ernesto Leon, is originally from the north of Peru, and has enjoyed cooking since he was a child when he first watching on TV show about cooking.

He grew up and started working in a supermarket in the kitchen sector, where he started cooking professionally for the first time, and where he received monthly training course on food handling, sanitation control, he also work in hotels such as costa del sol. Later he got married and has a wonderful family who always accompanies him to fulfil his dream.

During this time he had the opportunity to attend a cooking school, he studied Hotel Management in the kitchen sector in order to manage and run a kitchen.

Sixteen years ago he moved to the UK with his family and continued with his profession, where he acquired knowledge working in different restaurants such as Italian, Indian, English restaurants and in London city.

Afterwards in London he attended the bakery school.

Ernesto now with 25 years of experience , he currently working on his own, and we partnered with Fernando to continue growing together. 



Everything was delicious and friendly chef arrived on time. Highly recommended to everyone, loves the easy food 


Giova Lizdi.


A huge thank you to Ernesto for an incredible service and delicious food at our daughter Safiyah's 15th party! The compliment didn't.t stop and all the guests, regardles of nationality and culinary preference had only good things to say about Don Ernesto's delicious food.

This is the 3rd time I've seen Ernesto chef work and I would recommended this service to anyone.



Gilda Bustamante  



Sr. Ernesto muchas gracias, excelente la comida elaborador usted para los 0 anos de mi esposa .... Losinvitados quedaron encantados. 




Jorge Alvarez

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