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Experience is not something you can decorate or something you can plan. It is something you feel.


An event designer who not only documents your experience, but creates it for you. 

Finding someone who completes you is a feeling unlike any other. And just like finding the love of your life, you deserve an event that completes you.

Your wedding and your event are an investment, financially and emotionally. And selecting the right event planner - designer means you're also investing in your overall experience.

A personalised experience from begging to end

With us, that experience is personalised from start to finish. It starts with a personalised proposal that is tailored to your exact needs. And it continues all the way through to the end, when you walk into your event and find that warmth you've longed for, Fernando will personally create for you.

And everything in between.


I started organising and decorating weddings and events with a friend in the early 2000s in a South American country. That taught me the importance of creating a tailor-made event, in the context of the environment you are in, and with what you have around you, and to always be prepared for the unexpected, and to know how to work in complicated situations. That's why today I like to create colourful elegant, glamorous and simple events, with what is within our reach and at our disposal.

But what really prompted me to create joy in an event through flowers was the loss of a brother at a very young age, I learned how short life is, and the need to document memories and joys. 

Now, I put my creative control and experience to good use - hoping to create those memories for you in order to create your story and preserve your legacy. 

When I am not working, I use the time to study and learn, completing my Event Management course to obtain a CIM certificate via Event Academy, or at university studying Business Enterprise or visiting cultural events in London, or meeting friends, or visiting family.



Commonwealth Countries League 

Very satisfied with the excellent service provided by Fernando. I will definitely use them again and again.

To celebrate our annual fair.


By Matthew Odu,

Chairman at

Commonwealth Country League


Thanks to Fernando the floral decoration of our wedding was wonderful, Fernando a sincere and nice person, he conquered us deciding to make us the decoration of this celebration and really all the guests were amazed by the work.

Wherever you are, we wish you all the best! 



Marta & Jose

 ''Thank you so much for a job well done. Keep up the great work!''

Venia Georgara
General secretary at
        High Commission of Belize
Outdoor wedding

Decor with flowers and fabric


Elegant centrepiece 


Decoration on the field

Committed to Excellence

We founded Fernando Event Designer with one goal in mind: to design and produce creative and unforgettable events for every occasion. From small intimate affairs to large-scale parties, we strive to execute events that not only aim to impress, but also create unique experiences for our clients and their guests that last long after the fun is over.

Creating Memories

It's easyAt Fernando Event Designer, we believe in creating unique moments that leave a lasting impression. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we truly listen to our clients, creating distinctive events tailored to their specific needs and desires. Our innovative combination of solutions ensures that every detail is covered. Contact us to find out how we can make your dream event a reality.

Who We Are

Fernando Event Designer is a full-service event management company dedicated to creating unforgettable events for a wide range of clients and sectors. We combine experienced expertise with inspiration and ingenuity, transforming venues and providing your guests with truly unique experiences. Contact us so we can start working together to plan your perfect event.

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