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love unites hearts forever 

At Fernando Event Designer, we redefine opulence with our personalised approach to wedding and event planning and decoration.

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what we do

a colourful event and wedding spectacle

ibrant Wedding Themes and Decor that Spark Joy! Explore Captivating Cakes and Colorful Events. Your One-Stop Destination for Picture-Perfect Celebrations. Browse Our Gallery Now for Inspiring Ideas!
Unveil Elegance and Mystery with Venetian Carnival Inspired Decor. Adorn Your Celebrations with Exquisite Masks, Pearls, and Allure. Let Us Create a Whimsical Experience Tailored to Your Dreams.

cherished dream wedding

regal fiesta experience

unified love, legal bond, forever

lush floral extravaganza

elegance meets privacy

childish festivity fiesta

inspire, create, elevate

how we do

At Fernando Event Designer, we follow the creative path of "Inspire. Create. Transform. Design". Our mission is to spark inspiration, foster creativity, facilitate transformation and showcase exceptional designs. From weddings to corporate gatherings, we organise a plethora of memorable events that reflect individual tastes and preferences. Welcome to our world of inspiration and creativity, where transformation meets design.


fernando event designer



Meet Fernando Gayoso: Your Visionary Event Planner. With a Passion for Crafting Unforgettable Moments, Fernando Brings Your Dreams to Life. Discover the Artistry Behind Fernando Event Designer.
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